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Meet Lucky

Meet Lucky

Lucky was born October 8, 2016 and came to Good Acres the following Christmas together with his adoptive mom 'Bridgette'. He is a handsome cow of a breed called Red Angus. Lucky has his name for a reason as he was indeed lucky and never had to endure any hardship thanks to a very kind farmer from Indiana who brought both Lucky and Bridgette to us.

Lucky's and Bridgette's rescue story is very intertwined. One cannot be told without the other. It has so many twists and turns and devine intervention that it has been written about in a magazine and touched hundreds of human hearts. 

You can listen to an audio recording of Bridgette's and Lucky's story in our self guided audio farm tour. But before you head on over there, would you please consider helping us care for Lucky by becoming his sponsor/patron?


above: baby Lucky shortly after arrival at Good Acres at about 8 weeks of age

above: Lucky received a visit from the kind farmers who saved him and Bridgette during an Easter event 2017 at Good Acres. 

above: Lucky has become a big boy but still loves to be loved on especially if it includes a good back massage and rub down


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  • Diana Shaffner