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Activism for a Kinder World

There is much we all can do to contribute to a world that is more kind to humans, animals, and the planet. In fact, here at Good Acres we believe it is our individual responsibility to do more than just being a nice person in general regardless of our life circumstances. In this section of our website which we have entitled "Activism for a Kinder World" we present you with a random collection of ideas and inspirations. There are, of course, 1000s more. You will notice that many have to do with self-improvement and lifelong learning. This is because of some simple math, which goes like this:

a better me + a better you = a better world

So, what might you find under Activism for a Kinder World? We have grouped our ideas into these categories:


Have you ever meditated? You have probably heard about the countless health benefits of meditation. Why not give our meditations a whirl?


If you already pray or would like to try, you might enjoy our prayer ideas. We have written and designed our prayers so that you can insert your own preferred salutation. All of them are presented on the background of peaceful photos taken at Good Acres Sanctuaries. We feel that this is very fitting for prayers as it is here where God's love for all beings is so palpable. 


Here you will find some ideas for plant-based deliciousness. Along with some nutritional information. 




This section includes actionable ideas that can make a big difference to your overall well-being. We are talking about things like forgiveness, habit formation, and much more.