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Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin

Little Kevin is unbelievably sweet! Kevin is one of our special needs animals. He was born in January of 2018 at a goat breeding farm. Unfortunately, not enough shelter was available at the breeding farm and so during an extremely cold winter night Kevin lost part of his hindleg to frost bite. About six months later, the owners inquired with us to see if the little goat with the missing leg could come live at Good Acres. We said yes and the rest is history. The little boy moved in together with another goat to make the transition easier. Upon arrival of the boys, we named them Kevin and Oliver. 

From just hopping around on one hidleg for six months, Kevin's back and midsection was completely contracted and all muscles around the hip and upper portion of the partial leg were atrophied from not being used. It was obvious that his back was hurting him as he laid down frequently after moving just a little bit. 

We didn't waste any time in contacting an expert who makes custom prostethic devices for animals. A fiberglass cast was made from the stump with the help from our veterinarian. The cast was mailed in along with detailed measurements and before long we received Kevin's prosthetic leg.

The next phase involved twice daily physical therapy and stretching exercises to get Kevins contracted muscles to allow him to bring the bottom of the prosthetic leg even anywhere near the floor and start learning on how to walk with it. Kevin participated like a champ in the exercises. The effort for this sweet boy was well worth it! As soon has he began to walk more normally instead of just hopping, his back straightened out, the muscles in his hip and upper leg became stronger and the backpain vanished. 

Kevin has since inspired hundreds of visitors with his cheerful loving attitude. He may be small but he is a HUGE part of Good Acres! 

About once per year his prosthetic device needs to be reworked or renewed completely. While the devices are high quality they do not last forever when they receive daily use. Please help us with Kevin's care by becoming his patron. 


above: Kevin plays and runs with his artificial leg on. His body has become straight and strong instead of crooked and painful thanks to the prosthetic. (photo credit Paulina M Photography)

above: Kevin out and about on a walk together with his friend Oliver. Reaching up like this to snag a leave off a tree was impossible for him prior to receiving the prosthetic. 

above: both boys are proudly checking out a new shelter built just for them 


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