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Meet Bailey

Meet Bailey

Bailey came to us in March 2019 when she was just a little lamb of about six weeks old together with her twin sister Hazel. 

While we do not normally purchase animals in order to rescue them from the intended purpose they were bred for, Bailey and her sister are an exception. We did, however, also try to purchase their mother. Though the breeder refused to enterain any offer we made. 

They Bailey is a playful sweet girl. Despite the fact, that she is a hair sheep, her coat gets so dense and thick, that it does require cutting it some during warm weather. This girl loves to make a lot of noise when she wants something. Her voice is something you have to hear to believe! 

Bailey's life was supposed to end at Easter. Now that she lives at Good Acres, she will enjoy love and good care for all of her natural life span. Please help us provide her with the best care possible by becoming a patron. 



above: a raw emotional moment as Bailey is being bottlefed setup in a large dog crate in the office while it was still much too cold outside or in the barn for her a day after she had to say good bye to her mother.


above: Bailey and her sister out on grass for the first time ever. At the breeders place, this beautiful girl would have never felt grass or sunshine. 

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  • Diana Shaffner