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Meet Hank

Meet Hank

Hank is a serious crowd favorite and is known to many as the comedian and barn clown of Good Acres. He readily shows of his many antics unsolicited and invents new ones all the time. When people visit the farm who suffer from depression, Hank is ready to go to work. This guy just knows what to do to reach into a human's heart and make one feel love and laugh out loud.

Hank was born in 2010 and came to us from the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center where he lived for a couple of years.

He has no known abuse background but was surrendered to the adoption agency along with two other horses by a women who could no longer keep the animals.

Hank who weighs in at roughly 1500 pounds, has a very complex, high spirited personality and temperament. Due to this fact, the staff at the adoption center made the decision that Hank should continue his life with somebody who has extensive training experience with difficult horses. So, the adoption center called us and asked if it were possible for Hank to live at the sanctuary. The rest is history! We have worked with Hank and found him not difficult but rather highly sensitive, spirited, super smart, and interested in most anything.

Please consider becoming Hank's patron to help us keep him happy and healthy for many years to come. 

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above: Hank has powerful flowing movements and loves to play with his best friend Marcus

above: one of Hank's favorite tricks "all noses up in the air"  :)

above: Hank LOVES the trails. His active inquisitive mind and body goes into overdrive when he gets to go places. Whenever time allows Diana takes him trailriding. 



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