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Meet Pearl

Meet Pearl

She may be blind but she is the sassiest animal on the farm! 

Pearl was brought to Good Acres in the fall of 2017 when she was about 6 months old.

She was born on a cattle farm in Frankfort, Kentucky to a mom much too young to be bred.

Pearl is completely blind and has no chance of ever seeing because her eyes are not developed normally. The cattle farmer who owned her separated and sold Pearl's mother when little Pearl was still a baby. Subsequently, Pear found herself completely alone, without shelter, and unable to see anything. The owner witnessed her distress for a few months and with cold rainy fall weather approaching finally contacted an animal adoption/rescue network to find a place for this special needs donkey. It was through this network that we were contacted and immediately agreed to taken her in. Pearl improved significantly in the months following her arrival. At first, she was very shy and fearful. Now she is extremely capable of finding her way around the farm and is full of life!

We made every effort possible to purchase Pearl's mother back and reunite the two. However, the man who had purchased Pearl's mother for $200.- as a guard donkey for his cows, was not willing to sell her to us despite the fact that we made a much higher offer. 

As a plan B to get Pearl a much needed companion, we (through the same rescue network) learned about Rosie's situation and without hesitation went to bring her to Good Acres to bring much comfort and help to little Pearl.

Pearl has grown into a good looking young lady who moves around confidently. 

 above: Pearl on her first full day at the sanctuary being out on grass in a small field with human supervision and under the watchful eye of big Hank

Sweet little Pearl needs sponsors. Her life expectancy is up to 50 years! Will you become her patron and help her get all the care she needs in the future?


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  • Diana Shaffner