We are no longer providing tours for the public. However, our patrons are welcome to visit their sponsored animals as usual :)

Meet Bridgette

Meet Bridgette

Bridgette, a rescued dairy cow, came to Good Acres at Christmas of 2016 together with her adopted son 'Lucky'. Bridgette was born in 2014 as the byproduct of dairy production. After having given birth to her first calf and having it taken away from her as is typically done on dairy farms, she became so overcome with the distress of her loss that she would not stop screaming long enough to take in food or water. Subsequently, her condition deteriorated rapidly. This were her mysterious rescue story begins. It has so many twists and turns and devine intervention that it has been written about in a magazine and touched hundreds of human hearts. 

You can listen to an audio recording of her and Lucky's story in our self guided audio farm tour. But before you head on over there, would you please consider helping us care for Bridgette by becoming her sponsor/patron?



above: Bridgette likes to keep an eye on things.

above: Bridgette together with her adopted son 'Lucky' 

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  • Diana Shaffner