Sanctuary for People

Good Acres is not just for animals. While our animal residents call this little piece of paradise home, humans can make the farm their own sanctuary every now and then at least temporarily during Open Barn hours or special events. Aside from just regular visits to the farm we offer

  • meditation classes
  • plant-based food events
  • addiction recovery support
  • special sessions for children of the addicted and incarcerated
    and more.

Good Acres is the perfect place to visit for the overstressed and overworked person who needs an opportunity to regroup and take out some time to breath. The natural beauty of the farm along with its many happy animal residents can surely take one’s mind off the many daily stresses.


Feeling the peace and serenity coming from an animal who typically would receive little to no compassion from humans at all is a potentially transformative experience. It can bring us in touch with the essence of life itself. Some visitors have told us they will never forget the experience. Others feel compelled to return to the farm to join us for one of our fun vegan food events as a result of a shift in how they now perceive farm animals after having met them at Good Acres.

A few visitors have shared with us about their struggles with chronic depression. It is particularly rewarding to later hear their laughter ringing through the air as one of the animals shows off some comical antics which happens quite often.

Aside from our organized events, the farm is also available to host your special events such as birthday parties, weddings, and other gatherings.

above: during a child’s birthday celebration held at the sanctuary, the children enthusiastically visited with all the animals. To add a special touch a table with birthday cake and drinks had been set up in front of the horse barn for this private event.

above: guests at one of our plant-based food events. More and more non-vegetarians/non-vegans are attending. Our judgment-free atmosphere draws folks from all walks of life in. Many are dealing with health issues and are looking for inspiration on how to go about modifying their home cooking to incorporate more plant foods. We provide a casual venue where it is fun to embark on a culinary adventure and ask any questions that might come up. Helping people become healthier is a large part of Good Acres’ mission.

Despite all sorts of technical and medical advances along with great conveniences available today, depression, anxiety, loneliness and addiction are on the rise. At Good Acres, we believe this is in part because we do not often enough come back to simplicity and true kindness to all beings including ourselves. Our sanctuary aims to offer a place that reminds us of that.