From Problem Horse to Perfect Partner


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The Perfect Partners Program is for your horse and you.

We are offering this program in order to help horse owners who have behavioral difficulties with their horse work through them peacefully, resolve them effectively, and in so doing strengthen their partnership.

A lot of the horses sent to low end auctions and subsequent slaughter are only there because somebody lost their enthusiasm for keeping the horse. The reason is very often a simple yet complete disconnect between horse and human. Offering a program to help people discover the rootcauses of the horse’s difficult behavior plus effective yet gentle methods on how to work through it is an important part of sanctuary work. When horses get to keep their homes instead of being sold, they are not ending up in the slaughter pipeline. I have many years of experience specifically with so-called difficult horses and am proud to share what I have learned with horse owners for the welfare of the horse.

Diana Shaffner




Codie, a 19 year old Tennessee Walker transitioned from bit to bit-less within a matter of minutes.

Cody, a 19 year old Tennessee Walker, transitioned from bit to bit-less within a matter of minutes.

“It was an unbelievable experience, Cody really enjoyed himself and I had a blast! Thank you!” — Jackie Nickell, Lawrenceburg, KY