Cows & Pigs

All cows and pigs living at Good Acres are ambassadors for the sensitive, intelligent, sentient beings they are. Their accommodations include spacious, clean, airy barns with ‘do-it-yourself’ 24/7 access to the outside.  Plus, of course, nutritious food and a treat here and there. Like all animals at the sanctuary, cows and pigs get to stay for life and are never bred.


Christmas 2016. ‘Bridgette’ and her adopted son ‘Lucky’ had just arrived at Good Acres to begin their life at the sanctuary. They will be allowed to stay together and live in safety for their entire natural lifespan. This is the Good Acres promise.

Our friendly cows and pigs are ideal for visitors to meet. Being able to pet their soft fur or skin and getting close enough to literally see eye to eye is a powerful experience. Changing human perceptions is what our cows and pigs do best. Many have fallen in love with them and were surprised to hear about some of the frequent humorous  shenanigans these guys keep us on our toes with. Our cows and pigs are each full of unique personality. We may be a hair biased but we’d say our cows and pigs are doing a marvelous job changing how people view these wonderful sentient beings.


Time for affection. Bridgette is a very outgoing and loving animal.

Yearling ‘Lucky’ loves to have his shoulders massaged. He lets out a big sigh and rests his chin on the ground and hopes the massage will go on forever …


Bridgette has learned to wear a halter and lead in no time at all.

While our pigs have access to the outdoors directly from their stall as well, they do make less frequent use of it as the cows do. The pigs seem to enjoy a lot of lounging around under the roof of their porch area or all the way inside in deep clean straw if the weather is chilly. Contrary to popular belief, pigs do not smell bad, nor do they roll in mud all the time. However, during dry hot weather, we do make sure to water at least one area of their pasture enough to allow access to cooling water and mud. Since pigs are not able to sweat or pant to reduce body temperature, having access to cool water or mud to submerge their bodies in is of utmost importance. During pleasant cool temperatures though, our pigs often completely ignore the mud and water in their pasture and rather munch on fresh grass.


Big Otto is quite fond of having his belly rubbed by visitors. He is affectionate and friendly. Otto is typically a crowd favorite during our Open Barns.

Our pigs enjoy a varied diet. They do have their own personal preferences on what goes on top of the hitlist of foods. It is not true that pigs will just eat anything and don’t care what you give them. When given freedom of choice, they will exercise their own unique individual likes and dislikes.

Charlie is very mellow guy and likes to take things easy. His favorite food are apples.