Sanctuary for Farm Animals

All farm animals residing at Good Acres have either been rescued from abuse and neglect or have been surrendered to us by owners who chose to place the animal with us. Although they didn’t know it, but the moment they came through our gate, they arrived at their final destination. In other words, they came to a place of peace, care and love to call home forever. At Good Acres, we do not adopt animals out, nor do we sell or breed. All animals get to stay here until the end of their natural lifespan.


above: Lucky, a rescued Red Angus yearling is lounging in the porch area of the cow barn.

While a few cats and dogs call Good Acres home as well, we are a farm animal sanctuary and not an animal shelter for companion animals. Our farm animals, large or small, enjoy beautifully spacious and clean accommodations that were built using only good quality materials, great care and attention to detail. Fields and pastures are mowed frequently and otherwise refurbished whenever necessary to keep good nutritious grass growing while minimizing weeds without the use of pesticides.

left: Charlie takes life very easy since he has come to Good Acres. He doesn’t believe in hectic. When others run to play, he just follows them in a slow swagger as if to say, “Hey, I get there whenever I get there”.

Sometimes we are being asked why we do not take in more animals. The answer lies in our mission. We feel it is most important to create and provide a place for visitors to come and have a chance to meet animals face to face and hands-on who are typically kept out of view or behind fences. In order to facilitate such a thing without stress caused to the animal and without injury risk to the human, we need to spend time working with the animals. ‘Training’ may not be the best word in this context but essentially it is a training process to get animals to gradually become relaxed around many visitors. When people have the opportunity to actually pet a peacefully snoring pig or look a cow in the eyes with only inches between them and the animals head, an ever so important connection can be made. Animals are individuals and capable of wide ranges of emotions. They are members of our global family of living beings just like anyone else.

Up close encounters with our friendly animals can change the world!


Of course, allowing the animals a life in as much peace as possible with lots of freedom of choice as far as their desire to move around is concerned is of utmost importance. All of Good Acres’ barns and shelters are connected to outdoor corrals and fields. Only during severe weather or possible health problems are animals kept in stalls. Freedom of choice is one of the most important factors making a sanctuary really a sanctuary.

above: Rosie, a young handicapped feral donkey, has made Good Acres her new home where she can thrive without having to struggle.

above: Shylo, an old Arabian, is checking out the back barn entrance to see if any apples or other treats may be forthcoming. Horses are a very big part of Good Acres.