The Sanctuary

There is a little slice of heaven for rescued farm animals and people in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region between the towns of Frankfort and Lawrenceburg. Our animals enjoy freedom from harm of any kind and are allowed to stay for the rest of their natural lives, enjoying the best of care and much love. People who visit the farm or participate in our events and educational programs have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the peaceful and non-judgmental atmosphere our happy animals and beautiful natural setting exude.


Our sanctuary aims at providing a healing place and point of contact where you can meet those who usually find themselves at the bottom rung of human compassion. Come experience their joy and allow yourself to be affected by it. It can be a transformational experience.


Good Acres is a place where all lives matter and where we walk the talk by offering a loving forever home for all animals that come through our gate and by offering programs for adults and children in need of peace and healing. Everybody, people, and animals alike, will find themselves accepted here for who they are.

The farm itself is a wonderland of natural beauty. The sprawling and gently rolling 50 acres are a small wonderland of biodiversity from old growth oak trees to fish in our beautiful pond. Here rescued farm animals peacefully share the land with plentiful wildlife such as deer, foxes, and geese that rest in the grass on their way north or south.


Good Acres is open to the public for visits during planned Open Barn days and other events. Additionally, visits can be scheduled by appointment. Please make sure to check our cow-lendar of events for any upcoming activities. We are a friendly bunch and would love to have you come out to meet the animals and if possible join us for one of our festivities.


All animals residing at the farm are rescued from various situations of hardship. Some have most inspiring stories of survival. While everyone has a different past, what they all have in common now is a life in great care, peace, and love.