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Crazy Easy Asparagus Cream Soup

The heavenly creamy texture of this delicious soup will leave you speechless. With only 3 ingredients this detoxing powerhouse is ready in minutes with a pressure cooker. Did you know that asparagus helps your body detox itself, fight off cancer, and boosts your brain? Did you think in order to achieve amazing creaminess, you had to use dairy? If so,

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A Kind Garden in the Making

This year we are starting a pilot project at the sanctuary in the form of our Kind Garden. We are experimenting with gardening on straw bales. Growing vegetables and fruits on straw bales is cheap, easy, requires almost no weeding, little to no fertilizer after initial conditioning of the bales, and can be done in virtually any space on any

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LexVegFest 2016

Join us for some good times, great food, music and plain old fun at the first annual Lexington VegFest on Saturday October 1st. GA Sanctuaries along with Housewarmings and a group of highly motivated volunteers is organizing this exciting event. Some of your favorite Lexington restaurants will be there showing off their plant-based dishes, an educational presentation by a physician

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