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Welcome Little Mystery Bird

On this sunny chilly Tuesday afternoon, a new very special resident arrived at Good Acres. Her rescuers named her ‘Chickee’ though ‘Angel’ may also be fitting considering the mysterious way the sweet white chicken appeared at a family’s home. It was during a biting cold February earlier this year of 2018 when a kind woman noticed the stray chicken outside

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Little Blind Pearl is Here!

This afternoon a red trailer pulled through the farm gates of the sanctuary carrying very special cargo. A beautiful 5-month-old, white donkey named Little Pearl. Pearl was born blind and didn’t have a way to safely live on a farm where she could not be adequately protected from potential attacks by predators. For this reason, the kind owners of the

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Meet Patrick

Introducing Patrick: Friendly Patrick is one of our sanctuary residents. He came to us about two years ago. From the circumstances at the time, we surmise that someone had dumped him at the highway near our farm. By the time the small malnourished dog found us, he was so weak, his hind legs were trembling barely holding him up. Well,

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