Life is Good at the Sanctuary

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Farm Animal Sanctuary and sooooo much more!

There is a little slice of heaven for rescued farm animals and people in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region between the towns of Frankfort and Lawrenceburg. Our animals enjoy freedom from harm of any kind and are allowed to stay for the rest of their natural lives, enjoying the best of care and much love. People who visit the farm or participate in our events and educational programs have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the peaceful and non-judgmental atmosphere our happy animals and beautiful natural setting exude. Our sanctuary aims at providing a healing place and point of contact where you can meet those who usually find themselves at the lowest end of human compassion. Come experience their joy and allow yourself to be affected by it. It is a transformational experience.



To see ourselves in other creatures is to feel their need for an existence they would seek for themselves. This ‘seeing’ is a prerequisite to the ability to put our perceived needs, demands, and self-serving attitudes aside. In so doing, we evolve spiritually and become able to end all violence in this world.


Diana Shaffner, president and founder of Good Acres Sanctuaries

See our event page for information on what we have going on and plan your visit. Most events do not require a ticket purchase. If you have never been here, come out to our most casual get-together Cows & Coffee and meet some wonderful folks while sipping some nice brew. Might as well snatch a cookie while you are here. Make sure you come prepared to laugh! We may do serious work but you will quickly find this to be a very light-hearted environment. Are evening events more your thing? No problem! Join us for Moo-sic at the Sanctuary, wiggle your behind to the tunes under the stars and make some new friends. By the way, everything we serve at our events is plant-based and mind-blowingly delicious. Try us!

Contact us to book a private farm tour for yourself, your family, or a whole group.

Our animals will inspire you with their resilient personalities and stories of hardship, survival, and healing – Not to mention their soft fur you can touch.

The work we do touches so many hearts and fosters a kinder world on so many levels. We cannot do this without you! Please consider helping us by making a donation today.