Due to the Corona Virus Situation, we cannot offer tours or Open Barns at this time. Stay safe and well. We will see you again soon!


We are offering FREE sanctuary visits to veterans with or without PTSD and their families. 

If you are a veteran and would like to come visit the sweet animals of Good Acres or just spend some peaceful time at the sanctuary, please contact us. Depending on the season of the year, we are may only be open by appointment. 

Visiting veterans with walking disabilities and those in wheelchairs can navigate the farm on our graveled walkways. In some areas where the gravel is softer you may need assistance to push the wheelchair from someone coming with you. Overall the farm is very accessible to all barns and during all weather conditions. 

Parking is available very close to the animal areas on normal visiting days when we are not also hosting a major event. On event days parking may only be available in designated areas for that particular day.