Tours are back on! To keep you safe from the corona virus, we are offering small group tours. Please contact us to book a tour :)


Aside from being a farm animal sanctuary we are also an interfaith ministry offering many different programs to individuals with special needs and the overall community. As an interfaith ministry, we welcome and work together with persons and institutions from all faiths so long as their beliefs center around the most peaceful approach to life and all living beings possible.

You don’t have to be of a specific faith, nor do you have to have any faith, in order to participate in programming at Good Acres Sanctuaries. All we ask is respect for those who do have a specific faith which may be a different faith from yours and who wish to talk about it. We welcome any thought exchange.

We do not preach sermons at the sanctuary. The peaceful farm and all it stands for IS the sermon. It is more important to live the sermon than just go listen to one once a week. In living the sermon, we aim for eliminating contradictions from our lives such as professing to be an overall kind person but ignoring the suffering of animals raised and slaughtered for food. Such contradictions are inconsistent with the Christian faith and others. If you are confused or curious about the Christian faith, we would love to talk to you. Just initiate a conversation, you may just discover something wonderful.

Some of our animals have arrived at the sanctuary through some stunning circumstances that you can hardly write off as coincidences. For example, the story of our cows Bridgette & Lucky leaves even hardcore atheists scratching their heads. Here are a couple of audio recordings if you are unfamiliar with their story.

Long story short, Good Acres is a place of faith that will embrace whatever you bring with you and wherever you are in life. If you can, bring an open mind and heart. Otherwise, just show up the way you are.

above: Mexican sunflowers and pasture in the background

above: In the spring of 2019 a group of Tibetan Monks visited the sanctuary and blessed all the animals with a special chant

above: the farm is so peaceful especially right at sunset. Breathing in that peace surrounded by our rescued farm animals can restore one's hope and faith in a better tomorrow.