Tours are back on! To keep you safe from the corona virus, we are offering small group tours. Please contact us to book a tour :)

Grief, Depression, and Anxiety


Are you a sufferer of depression and anxiety? Good Acres is a place of respite. We welcome you to come visit the sanctuary to spend some completely undemanding quiet time among the sweet spirit of our rescued animals.

If you are in need of talking about your situation and/or spiritual counseling, let us know and we will arrange time for a confidential 1-on-1 chat. Sometimes talking about it can be freeing while at times all you need is somebody to know that you need to be left alone just sitting in quiet reflection to recharge.

Good Acres is as much a sanctuary for animals as it is for people. Depression and anxiety is extremely prevalent in men and women of all ages including teenagers. Often, the medical community, has no answers to the problem. In such cases Good Acres can offer you an island of peace. Many of our rescued animals at the farm have themselves overcome major suffering that no doubt included complete mental depletion. Yet, they have found the strength to not only survive but find back to their inert joyful nature. Come and soak up some of their healing atmosphere.

Please contact us to arrange for a visit if you would like to come by during non-event times.