We are no longer providing tours for the public. However, our patrons are welcome to visit their sponsored animals as usual :)

Help for Animals

Allow us to present a few of the sweet residents of Good Acres Sanctuaries. Some of whom are still here and some have already gone to heaven and are with us in spirit only but with us nonetheless. If you turn your speakers on you also get to enjoy the peaceful background piano music that was composed and recorded at Good Acres as part of our Depression Help programming for people with Depression and Anxiety. 


Our animals all come from different walks of life. Some have suffered greatly prior to their arrival at the sanctuary while others had the enormous stroke of luck to be saved prior to getting sold into breeding operations or directly to slaughter.

 Who are the previous owners:

  • individuals who can no longer afford their care financially (example: Marcus)
  • people who purchased them as cute baby pets and then don't want them anymore as they become fully grown
  • farmers who breed commercially and then end up becoming attached to one specific animal in their herd (example: Livi, Kevin)
  • private individuals who have run across an animal in severe distress, rescued it but are not actually in a position to keep the animal long term (example: Shabah, Shylo)

Every single animal now living at Good Acres has one important job to do - be an ambassador of kindness. This means being an ambassador for the plight animals go through in meat and dairy production. It is staggering how removed we are nowadays from the animals who's remains end up on our plates. So many visitors who come to the sanctuary have never been in the presence of a big pig, leave alone petted one and looked one in the eye. Others, even otherwise highly educated adults, don't realize that eating lamb means eating a baby sheep. Probably the most common aha-moment for visitors is to learn that cows do not 'just so' produce milk. Rather they have to give birth and become a mother in order to do so, just like a human would. 

The animals at Good Acres are doing a fantastic job as ambassadors and have inspired many tour guests to consider a plantbased or vegan diet. These furry and feathered ambassadors are approachable and friendly. They love for you to give them a cookie or five and scratch their ever itchy big or small heads.

Spending some time at the sanctuary is very special time spent indeed.  If you would like to come out as well, check out our Cow-lendar of Events or just get some tickets and make an appointment to visit for a tour. 

above: big gentle Otto. Everybody loves Otto!  :)