Our Vision

20181102_084223Good Acres Sanctuaries aims to be a sanctuary for animals as well as people. Our farm property houses those who have found themselves at the very bottom rung of human compassion at one point in their lives until someone was moved to compassion by their suffering, took action, and facilitated their move to Good Acres.

Our human visitors, volunteers, and donors are often those who see themselves reflected in the lives, will to survive, and heal of the animals. Particularly individuals with physical handicaps and those suffering from depression or are in addiction recovery find respite at the sanctuary farm.

20180621_180250As a center of ‘applied’ compassion, Good Acres aims to shift a paradigm. To us, applying compassion means to go beyond what feels comfortable at the time due to personal comfort zones, teachings from religious or traditional upbringing. It means letting go of judgment, embracing each and every living being (human or not) with as much forgiveness and compassion as possible.

To bring our vision to life, we …

  • love to share our enthusiasm for plant-based nutrition by hosting events throughout the year during which people from all walks of life can try out countless deliciously healthy plant-based meals.
  • provide a uniquely peaceful environment to help people recovering from addiction tap into their own inner strength needed to move toward survival and healing.
  • offer guidance and instruction for meditation and gentle exercise
  • invite children and their caretakers dealing with domestic disruption to the farm to destress and recharge
  • offer spiritual counseling everyone regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof can use and apply in his/her own life
  • are currently designing a special program for the elderly


What about the future…

As Good Acres has grown over the last few years into a place that has attracted hundreds of visitors, it is our vision to create a sanctuary that has the capacity to reach many more humans and animals in need. To do so, our most pressing need is to construct an indoor space in which we can offer our important programming year round regardless of wheather conditions. If you or your business would like to become an instrumental part of this vision by helping us raise the funds and finance such an expansion please get in touch with us.