Our Vision

As of today, our sanctuary farm offers nonresidential services and addiction recovery support. However, it is our vision to build a farm sanctuary with the capacity to offer housing to women, their children and pets. Too often women with addiction problems know they need help in form of an in-patient treatment. Yet they will not reach out for help because they do not want to leave their children and/or their pets. So they keep on struggling until matters become much worse. This often results in jail time or even overdose deaths leaving behind so-called ‘opioid orphans’.

Our vision includes semi-longterm transitional living facilities that welcome not only women but also their children and pets. A woman in need may enter a traditional in-patient treatment facility with the peace of mind that she can place her children and pets with us during her time away and then reunite with them to live at the sanctuary until the challenging life-circumstances have been substantially improved.

Women in need of reentry assistance after incarceration due to addiction-related crimes may also find a transitional home at the sanctuary farm.

Interested in partnering with to bring this vision to reality? We’d love to talk with you! Please contact us directly at farmoffice@goodacres.us