The Kind Garden

thekindgarden_white_backgrThe Kind Garden at Good Acres Sanctuaries is a brand new pilot project coming to Anderson County in 2017!

We are growing organic veggies for Anderson County’s families affected by poverty, addiction, incarceration of loved ones, disabilities and illness. A secondary reason for this pilot project of growing vegetables on strawbales is, that if this turns out to be a feasible method, it may become a vehicle through which to bring organic vegetable gardening and all its health benefits and educational opportunities to inner cities, schoolyards, and other areas.

Let’s turn stigma & shame into kindness & health! 

Please consider donating to this project. You can do so via credit card by going to our online store at

We need your help with paying for:

  • straw and hay bales we grow our veggies on. This method almost eliminates the need for fertilizer, weeding, and saves water.
  • t-posts
  • wire
  • soaker hoses


Here is our image sequence from our kind garden…


STEP 1a – setup and conditioning



STEP 1b – proper inspection (most important!)


STEP 2 – planting time

Young seedlings of tomatoes and various kinds of bell peppers have been planted on the bales and a support wire for them has been installed. On two other rows of bales other vegetables have been set up.

Small pre-started plants have been planted on the bales.


STEP 3 – watching the plants grow


Zucchinis in the making!


STEP 4 – harvesting, eating, enjoying (and sharing)!

we hope to be able to be at this stage soon 🙂