Right On! Success Coaching for Women in Prison & Beyond


As part of our humanitarian projects and prison outreach programs, we provide success coaching to help current female inmates create a plan that aligns with their values, builds on personal strengths, and empowers each woman to make fundamental shifts within to achieve a fulfilling life in freedom upon release and impact their children positively. When women return home from prison with a success minded attitude of resilience, her children’s best possible chance for a better life just walked in the door.

To get there, the inmate and coach work in a partnership with the ‘coachee’ being the driving force in this partnership. The Right On! Success Coaching program is self-paced and conducted in a mostly 1:1 format. This means the coach regularly provides exercises to an inmate to work on. This typically happens via mail or email. Participants complete the exercises at their own pace and send them back when they are ready. At no time does a coach push or manipulate anyone into what he/she wants the inmate to do, think, or be. It is important to note, however, that success coaching is not psychotherapy or medical treatment. It is merely a partnership with someone who is invested in the inmate’s personal success, has no bias about her past and simply helps to guide the necessary emergence of an inmate’s best version of self.

The exercises provided are reflective, educational, and motivating in nature. Some of the work will ask the participant to examine a piece of his/her past while others require him/her to search the innermost self for hopes and dreams for the future. Educational reading exercises introduce hands-on tools and strategies for behavior modification and stress management. The coach then guides the ‘coachee’ in implementing these new strategies into daily life no matter how many ups and downs an inmate experiences in the process.

“Just because my body is in prison, my soul doesn’t have to be.” 
— Opal Renee Woodford, Right On! Success Coaching participant since August 2016

rightonmomsThe Right On! Success Coaching Program is like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Having a success coach can be a great asset playing a very significant role in one’s future success. One of our core beliefs here at GA Sanctuaries is that anyone has transformational potential given the right environment and support. Our coaching program is free of charge to inmates and solely dependent upon donations from people like you. It provides not only hope but highly improved chances for a successful future as a productive citizen in the community. For those women who have children or will do so in the future, this means a higher likelihood for those children to escape the trauma of parental (re)incarceration and stay out of prison themselves. Helping inmates be successful has an enormous ripple effect. It affects entire families and communities at large. It costs us approximately $ 1200.- to coach one participant for a full year.

Please consider helping us by sponsoring a mom in prison with a donation. Your contribution of any amount will have tremendous social impact!

Often we see great creativity on part of our participants once their spirits start soaring as a direct result of our coaching work. This inmate always decorates her envelopes with heart warming artwork. Donate today, to help us help more inmates find hope and a new future.