Why is there a cow in your logo?

There is a reason why I chose a cow for our logo and not a horse. We live in a society where it has become perfectly okay to treat some individuals as less valuable while elevating others based on externally visible things such as career, wealth etc. This socially accepted discrimination is most apparent in the case of animals. Pets are cherished while farm animals routinely find themselves at the absolute bottom rung of human compassion. Yet all have the same propensity for feeling pain and suffering. This fact is not diminished by labeling some ‘food animals’ and others ‘pets’. Labels seem to give us permission to be unkind and rationalize our cruelty. In the case of humans, the same double standards apply but are perhaps less visible because we do not differ in species like animals do. However, we typically label some people as dumb, smart, successful, cool, capable, morally upstanding, screwed up, ugly, the list could span pages, but you get the idea. Thus, the cow in the logo is symbolic for this double standard. It also is symbolic for what we are trying to achieve, which is helping ourselves and others expand our sense of kindness and in so doing create a more whole compassionate peaceful world in which all life is cherished.




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