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Welcome Rupert!

Look who just joined the Good Acres crew?! Rupert, a feisty 6-months young black potbelly pig has joined our other two pig boys Otto and Charlie. Rupert was previously a house pet with a large yard and some dog and chicken friends. He hasn’t been around other pigs but will no doubt eventually enjoy their company while snoozing and rooting

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With stripes as elegant as could be and captivating green eyes, Scooter is a particularly handsome member of our team of Elusive 8 felines. Whenever a dog gets petted, he will push himself in between the petting hand and the canine as if to say: “Whoa, wait a minute! This fur stroking activity here should be all mine!”. Scooter will

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What’s in a Mud Bath?

Did you know? Pigs have very few options when it comes to regulating their body temperature in hot weather. They have almost no sweat glands and cannot cool themselves by panting like dogs do. Hence, finding any kind of watery cool off is very important to them. At the sanctuary, when we walk around the farm with our pigs in

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