We are no longer providing tours for the public. However, our patrons are welcome to visit their sponsored animals as usual :)

Tuck-In Tours

Tuck-In Tours

In the late spring / early summer of 2019 we began to offer 'Tuck-In Tours' which turned out to be extremely popular probably in part because only a maximum of 5 adults plus any children they bring take part in the tour to keep this a very special sort of intimate event! During the tour guests went around to the various barns with us to bring animals to their night-time areas and/or feed them an evening snack. This often included letting one or two children bottle feed a baby such as Livi the lamb. 

You know what is the best thing of the Tuck-In Tour? Hearing the children say "night-night" to each animal before moving on to the next  :) 

The amazing tranquility of the farm at sunset is a bonus and has been photographed countless time. Yet we never get enough of it. 

Tuck-In Tours will be back by popular demand in 2020!


above: most children's favorite part of the tour, giving Livi her evening bottle

above: tour guests are walking with our sheep and goats in the setting sun.


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