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Meet Otto

Meet Otto

Big Otto used to go by the name 'Lex'. Born in the spring of 2017 he had a very traumatic start into life that made the whole town of Lexington become aware of his distress in late June of the same year. This is when the news reportet that a runaway piglet was crisscrossing streets and neighborhoods in the city. Animal Control was no match for him. The confused and scared piglet evaided all capture attempts. Only 10 days after his first sighting, he was caught and delivered to Good Acres. 

Over the following months he aquired the nickname 'Otto' which stuck. This boy is big with an even bigger personality and antics. He is very friendly and enjoys to be petted and (of course) be given treats. 

Because of Otto's remarkable story of survival, he has had a big impact on visitors. Please help us provide this special boy with all he needs over his natural life span. 



above: these big ears get itchy at times (photo credit: paulina m photography)

above: baby Otto as he had just arrived at Good Acres still in the wire trap he was caught in


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