We are no longer providing tours for the public. However, our patrons are welcome to visit their sponsored animals as usual :)

Meet Brady

Meet Brady

Brady arrived at Good Acres in December 2019 together with his friend 'Blue'. He was born in April of the same year. A toxic family conflict at a private nearby home made it necessary for him to be moved to a safe place immediately.

Brady is a miniature Nubian goat and one of the sweetest little animals you will ever meet. He is very curious and brave. In true goat fashion despite not having horns, he likes to rear up on his hindlegs to make himself look big and fierce whenever one of the other animals approach him without his approval. However, he is a gentle soul and we could not be happier knowing he is now safe and sound at the sanctuary.

You can become Brady's patron to help us keep him well cared for over the any years to come. 
Go to his patronship page. 


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  • Diana Shaffner