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Meet Spark aka Darby

Meet Spark aka Darby

Little Spark is a black Angus who's release from a cattle farm we were able to negotiate when a farmer called us to see if we would take in a blind cow (Misty) he wanted to save and find a good home for. Since Spark was Misty's only friend and already bonded with her, he too got to move to the sanctuary. Lucky little fella! Spark does not have any disabilities. He was born in the summer of 2020, is very curious, loves to chase the farm dogs, and attacks dirt piles whenever he finds one.

Since coming to Good Acres he has acquired the nickname "Darby".

Please help us with Sparks lifelong care. Like most cows, he has a life expectancy of at least 25 years. You can become Spark's patron and a member of our Good Acres family by going to his patronship page

above: Scared baby Spark in the trailer as he arrived at Good Acres Sanctuaries on March 19, 2021

above: Spark in late March of 2021 about one week after his arrival at Good Acres. 

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  • Diana Shaffner