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Meet Sophia

Meet Sophia

Sophia was born in July 2018 at a chicken breeding farm. Since hens are usually very desired and sell well breeder keep producing them at high rates. Of course, this also produces lots of roosters as an undesireable byproduct. For this reason most roosters end up slaughtered at a very young age. Since we wanted to help a rooster but also wanted a companion for him, we took in Sophia along with Simon. 

Both of them are of a breed called Blue Orphington a very large type of chicken. Sophia is curious and pretty independent. Most of the time we see her walk around with her boyfriend but in case she sees something she really wants to check out and he seems to hesitant, she will just leave him and walk off on her own. 

Sophia has a natural life expectancy of over 10 years. Please help us provide her with the best of care during this whole time by becoming her sponsor/patron.



above: Sophia has beautiful dark feathers with a darker edge than the inside color, called lacing

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  • Diana Shaffner