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Meet Simon

Meet Simon

Simon was born in July 2018 at a chicken breeding farm. Roosters are considered an undesireable byproduct of breeding to produce hens. For this reason most roosters end up slaughtered at a very young age. We wanted to give at least one rooster a good home. 

Simon arrived at Good Acres together with his girlfriend Sophia. Both of them are of a breed called Blue Orphington a very large type of chicken. 

This boy is very selective on whom he feels is deemed worthy of walking the grounds at Good Acres. For this reason, when visitors come to the farm, we mostly have to leave him in a fenced area. When no visitors are around and only those whom he considers part of his tribe, he is allowed to walk around the place freely which he much enjoys. The main barn is one of his favorite places to hang out at and watch the stalls being cleaned. He knows which cupboard his treats are kept in and gets excitied when we go near it. Roosters have a reputation of being unmanageable and unteachable but Simon has learned much in terms of what behaviors are right and wrong and since he is still a young fella, we keep on reinforcing good behavior. Patients and consistency is key. 

Simon has a natural life expectancy of over 10 years. Please help us provide him with the best of care during this whole time by becoming his sponsor/patron.


above: Simon has special treats he likes at any time of the day. (photo credit: paulina m photography)

above: he can be quite the show off (photo credit: paulina m photography)


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