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Meet Rosie aka Rose

Meet Rosie aka Rose

Rosie is a special needs animals due to her crippled legs. However, she is full of life and gets around well. When she walks or runs, she just does it in her own way.

Rosie came to Good Acres after a friend and supporter had heard of a property in northern Kentucky where a large feral donkey herd was left to their own devices and cross bred indiscriminately. Rosie, then an unnamed animal with crippled legs, struggled to navigate the steep overgrazed hills and compete for food with the numerous cows and other donkeys. She was extremely thin. Though, her thick curly coat did it's job to hide that fact.

Our friend made contact with the couple who owned the farm and told them that Good Acres needed a companion donkey to a blind baby (Pearl) who was just dropped off at the sanctuary. Fortunately, the owner was very cooperative and allowed us to pick Rosie up. This was a feat in and off itself considering she was a scared to death feral animal at the time. So, in early October of 2017 this beautiful girl arrived at Good Acres. 

As soon as she arrived the name 'Rosie' came to mind and stuck like super glue. Rosie is very smart and adapted within days to life at the sanctuary where she had shelter from the cold rain and plenty of food she didn't have to fight for.

What we didn't know at her arrival was that unfortunately she was pregnant. Her small deformed framed had no way of carrying a baby to full term. Still, we kept hoping that somehow it would work out. In April of 2018 Rosie suffered a devastating miscarriage as her little body tried to abort a roughly 10 pound semi-developed baby. Her life hung in the balance twice that scary Sunday night and morning but, thankfully our emergency vet came out two times and managed to safe her life both times. The baby boy, whom we named 'Harley' was laid to rest in our cemetery. Despite even our vet having little hope, Rosie recovered well from the horrific ordeal. She just kept on beating the odds.

Rose has since inspired many visitors who struggle with debilitating joint and other orthopedic issues to make the best of it and enjoy life to the fullest regardless.


above: Rosie's first few moments at Good Acres Sanctuaries. She seems intrigued about having a cozy shelter and lots of food available. 

 above: Rosie has learned to wear a halter. She LOVES the barn. Her worst leg is the right front with an enlarged knee and strong outward bend. 

Rosie needs sponsors aka patrons to help us care for her special needs. Will you take up a patronship for $10 or more per month to help her?

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