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Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia

Olivia or lovingly called 'Livi' is as sweet as a button! She was born in March 2019 and arrived at Good Acres a few weeks later. A farmer who breeds sheep to sell them into lamb production brought her to us. Livi was born a bit prematurely and in ill health. The farmer cared for the baby as best as possible. During this process a stronger than anticipated emotional connection formed. The intensive care Livi continued to require put a strain on the farmer who also worked fulltime away from home. The decision was made to give us a call. The little lamb arrived at Good Acres within hours later.

Upon arrival, the tiny girl was named Olivia aka Livi. Unfortunately, Livi suffered from painful digestive distress and completely clouded over eye lenses that made us fear she is blind or going to be. The very next morning Livi was taken to the vet. As luck will have it, our vet personally knew an eye specialist who, over the phone, recommended a course of action using steroidal eyedrops. Ever so slowly over the next few weeks Livi's eyes cleared up and she now enjoys completely normal eye sight. There were a few othe health scares along the way but she conquered them all along with all human hearts she meets.

Livi made a huge impression on many humans during an Easter Event at the sanctuary. Many visitors who had never met a life lamb got to pet or hold her and in so doing allow their hearts to realize that Livi just like any other baby sheep/lamb deserves to live instead of being slaughtered to end up on someone's plate.

Please help us keep Livi in good health for the remainder of her natural lifespan by becoming her patron/sponsor.



above: Baby Olivia as she was still too weak to share a stall with the other bigger lambs. A large dog crate temporarily set up inside the sheep stall allowed her to be with her new friends while having protection from their playful pushing and shoving.

above: Livi out and about on a walk to discover her new home at Good Acres 

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