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Meet Molly

Meet Molly

BIG Molly, a belgian draft horse born in 2005, is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. At an impressive 1900 pounds you would think she would intimidate people. Yet her gentle calm demeanor has allowed visitors of all ages and sizes to soak in her healing presence. She is literally a big part of Good Acres. 

However, she didn't always have reason for being calm. In 2010, while living in Texas, we saw an advertisement for her sale for less than the meat price. Upon checking it out more closely we found out that Molly was located in Laredo which is close to the mexican border. Molly lived in total isolation from other horses in a man's dusty yard, was very neglected and completely untrained. No private person looking to buy a horse would have been interested in her. She was destined for a trip across the border to a Mexican slaughterhouse. We spontaneously decided to step in and bought Molly for only $75 ! 

Normally when horses are being rescued and loaded onto trailers and then unloaded at a new place they are extremely nervous not knowing they have arrived at a sanctuary. Not Molly! When Molly arrived at Good Acres, saw other horses and plenty of food, she didn't waste a minute with being nervous or anxious about her new surroundings. This smart girl was immediately happy!

Molly is also a cancer survivor. In 2012 Molly had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her eyelid. She recovered well and had no further problems. 



above: getting a bath on a hot summer day. Molly loves cool water.


above: When Molly runs and plays the ground vibrates 


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  • Diana Shaffner