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Meet Hazel

Meet Hazel

Hazel came to us in March 2019 when she was just a little lamb of about six weeks old together with her twin sister Bailey. 

While we do not normally purchase animals in order to rescue them from the intended purpose they were bred for, Hazel and her sister are an exception. We did, however, also try to purchase their mother. Though the breeder refused to enterain any offer we made. 

Hazel's body is completely brown while her sister is mostly white. Because of her hazelnut color she was aptly named Hazel. This girl is very loving and sweet though a tiny bit smaller and more shy than her sister. 

Hazel's life was supposed to end at Easter when she normally would have been slaughtered to end up on someone's plate. Please help us provide this wonderful girl with the best care possible for many years to come by sponsoring her and becoming a patron. 



above: Hazel shortly after arrival at Good Acres. The sweet little lamb still had to be protected from the cold and so resided in a large dog crate setup temporarily in the office. 

above: The Animal Man of Good Acres is teaching Hazel how to walk on a leash. This is important for her safety so she can be walked around among visitors during farm events without gettin in conflict with cars coming and going from the property. Hazel is a smart gal and learned this in a flash! 

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  • Diana Shaffner