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Meet Feisty Gabi

Meet Feisty Gabi

Baby Gabi (then Tina) came to Good Acres in the spring of 2021. She originally had a loving home but the owners were concerned for her safety because her own mother kept attacking her. So this sweet babe got to move in with the sanctuary crew at Good Acres. 
As a pygmy goat she is the smallest goat at the farm but this girl makes up for her small size with tremendous vocals and feisty behavior. Somewhere along the line she acquired the nickname 'Gabi' which is now mostly used and fits her very unique personality. 

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above: Gabi likes to sit up high

above: while Gabi was still too small to be with the big goats unsupervised, she got to accompany her 'papa' to all the farm chores.

above: bottle time was Gabi's favorite time! 

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  • Diana Shaffner