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Meet Celina

Meet Celina

Celina joined Good Acres' other two dogs to form a trio lovingly referred to as ‘The Three Musketeers’ in the summer of 2017 when she was still a puppy. Fortunately, she has no abuse history. She just found herself advertised on CraigsList as a nameless dog to be given away for free. One of our supporters was concerned about her and brought her to us. While Good Acres is not a dog rescue organization, we felt that Celina simply fit in. Well, the rest is history. In keeping with being a Pyrenees dog, she likes to bark a lot and chase off strange animals she feels are not part of our Good Acres tribe.

Celina loves people! Especially return visitors. She dances around everybody whom she recognizes as having been here before. Celina is always in a good mood.

Please consider becoming Celina's sponsor to help us keep that big girl smiling for many years to come.


above: she sure is beautiful (photo credit Paulina M Photography)

above: her concerned puppy eye look (photo credit Paulina M Photography)

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  • Diana Shaffner