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Raised Beds Pros & Cons (just kidding - there are no cons)

Raised Beds Pros & Cons (just kidding - there are no cons)

Here at Good Acres we have great virtually rock free soil, yet we love our raised beds. Let's take a look at the many benefits of raised garden beds the way we use them. 

Raised garden beds in general offer a number of benefits over simply planting in the soil. Those benefits are:

  • better drainage
  • easier on your back
  • little to no weeds
  • excellent in areas with poor soil
  • have cleaner walkways in between beds
  • easier to cover your plants for frost or sun protection
  • extended growing season
  • create fresh compost directly in the beds
  • better aeration

Our raised garden beds at Good Acres are all made from cement bricks. We prefer cement bricks simply because they are virtually indestructable, you can grow herbs or flowers in the hollow spaces of each brick, and you can sit on the edge of the bed wile working it. Last but not least, when the beds are brimming with life they look quite attractive. These are important considerations we will look into in more detail in future posts. The overall take-away here is that, all things considered, constructing solidly built raised beds is well worth the effort for so many reasons. So far, we have not found a downside to this gardening approach. 

above: cement blocks have been used at Good Acres to create beds of various sizes and even a sort of coffee table. 


  • Diana Shaffner