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Meet Sunshine

Meet Sunshine

Sunshine aka 'Sunny', a wild mustang, was born in 2008 in the wilderness of southern Nevada and aquired by us in 2010 via a government auction/adoption event for wild mustangs held in Texas. Sunny has learned all aspects of living with people and alongside domesticated horses very quickly. She is extremely playful,smart and sassy to say the least.

The white letters/numbers under her mane are a characteristic sign that she was a true wild mustang roaming on public lands. The white lettering is called a 'freeze brand'. The government applies a unique number/letter combo like this to each wild mustang via freeze branding. This method is said to be much more humane than hot branding and will remain readable for the life time of the horse.

Sunny is very friendly but does not always want to be touched and petted. On the downside, she does not like other animals such as dogs and cats very much and will attack them especially if she does not know them. Once she has become familiar with a dog, she will tolerate another animal's presence.

This girl clearly has a different attitude than most of Good Acres horses. Once she realizes someone cares about her, she becomes fiercly loyal and attached.

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above: Sunny is extremely brave! She will load herself onto trailers and even climb other objects just for the fun of it.



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