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Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

Lucy came to Good Acres in 2016. As a rare exception, we adopted her from a shelter in Lexington, KY. She was estimated to be two years old at the time. We firmly believe she would have perished at the shelter. She was sicklish despite veterinary care and traumatized beyond anything we had ever seen or heard of. However, Lucy is thriving at the sanctuary! She is still scared of people who she is not very familiar with and wont come near to be petted. Otherwise though, she has changed into a funny confident girl. Life at the Sanctuary suits her well. 

Lucy would love to have you as her sponsor! 


above: Lucy is very fond of the straw in the barn. She likes to run up to it and jump in, mix it all up, run back off, and come back in to repeat the process.


above: Lucy the day she arrived at the sanctuary

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