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Control Your Focus in Loss

Control Your Focus in Loss

Controlling one's focus is an extremely important thing to do to promote mental wellbeing. Let's talk a bit about the importance of focus in loss situations. We will use the example of a recent death at the sanctuary. A few days ago Good Acres Sanctuaries lost Shylo, one of the sweetest horses you could have ever met. He lived at the sanctuary for 16 years but at 30+ years of age his body had become to frail to go on. It's tough to say good bye after such a long time and it's ok to acknowledge that. So, what can we do to be true to our own inner self that may feel overwhelmed with the sensation of loss, yet deal with grief in a way it doesn't cause more depression?

Try this: 

When thoughts of sadness arise, we need not push them away in denying them. However, we can choose to gently replace them with thoughts of gratitude that the individual was part of our lives. Each time the thoughts of sadness come up, you can thank your heart for its capacity to feel loss and then gently redirect your focus to the gratitude thought. It's ok if this act of redirecting has to be done many times per day. Over time, the more positive uplifting thought pattern becomes habituated and adds to your mental wellness.


Be well. Be blessed.


  • Diana Shaffner