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How Meditation can Help with Depression

How Meditation can Help with Depression

Depression can involve a lot of very negative thinking to put it mildly. You might feel hopeless, worthless, or angry etc. This can make meditation seem somewhat counterintuitive, since it involves increasing awareness around thoughts and experiences.

The key is that meditation teaches you to pay attention to thoughts and feelings without passing judgment or criticizing yourself.

Meditation doesn’t involve pushing away these thoughts or pretending you don’t have them. Instead, you notice and accept them, then let them go. In this way, meditation can help disrupt cycles of negative thinking. In other words meditation helps you become aware of the fact that you are thinking and doing so in an unhelpful way. At first the idea of being able to let thoughts go without allowing them to drag you down may seem impossible. However, this is exactly what meditation will teach you. Over time your brain learns a new and much healthier way to respond to negative thinking. 

There are multiple good app options available on smartphones that will guide you on your meditation journey. Many of these cost very little and are well worth the small investment. 

Starting a meditation practice may just be the best option for your well being. Meditation has no side effects either  :)

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  • Diana Shaffner