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Meet Misty

Meet Misty

Misty was born in 2019 at a commercial Angus cattle farm. Due to the fact that she was born blind, the owners of the farm gave her special care and quickly became attached to this sweet girl. However, the cattle farm did not have facilities or pastures suitable for a disabled animal like Misty and had to keep her in a stall most of the time which just wasn't a good solution for her. In March 2021 they asked if Misty might be able to move to Good Acres. We said YES! In addition we negotiated that her young friend Spark would get to come along with Misty. All was agreed on quickly and Misty and her little friend arrived at the sanctuary on March 19, 2021. 

Misty is one of the sweetest most gentle souls you will ever meet. She loves to be loved on, get brushed, and cuddled. We outfitted a barn and corral especially for her and her special needs. You can help Misty by becoming her patron. Patronships are monthly donations beginning at $10 and come with free access to the sanctuary farm for you and those who accompany you on any given day. You can go to Misty's patronship page here

above: Misty loves to take snoozes in her comfortable shelter outfitted especially for her disability needs. 

above: Misty enjoys our company especially when treats and music are involved. 

above: Misty on the day after her arrival at Good Acres
(photo credit, Amy Jackson photography)

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