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Shylo (at Good Acres from 2006 to 2022)

Shylo (at Good Acres from 2006 to 2022)

Shylo was adopted by Good Acres together with another Arabian named Shabah in 2008. At the time he lived with a young woman in Arizona who saved him from going to auction and possibly slaughter after being abandoned by his previous owner at a horse boarding stable.

Shylo was born in approx. 1990. He was a very kind soul and while he could fly like the wind, he was very calm around people and enjoyed attention very much. Due to some unique antics he used to do with the way he ate hay, he had acquired the nickname 'Hayman'. 

Shylo passed away on Jan. 04, 2022 at about 30 years of age and is buried on the sanctuary grounds. RIP sweet old man! 


above: The Hayman has no qualms about climbing up on someone's front porch to take a peek in the window and see what the people inside are doing.

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