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Max (at Good Acres from 2010 to March 2015)

Max (at Good Acres from 2010 to March 2015)

Max (aka 'Timmy') was a very special horse who lived with us for several years. We purchased him together with another horse (Marcus) from a woman who could no loner afford to feed her horses properly. Max's condition was already dire as he was severely under weight at the time and suffered from stomach ulcers. As an ex-dressage horse of the highest level bred and imported from Canada, his joints in his back legs and hips were very much deteriorated. We fitted him with special shoes to afford him several years at Good Acres where he loved life. While Max was sweet inside, he also enjoyed making 'mean faces' at volunteers who gave the enormously large Max the nickname "the intimidator" which was subsequently shortened to "Timmy". Diana and Max had a particular very spiritual bond that defied all explanation. One morning when Max fell and couldn't get back up, we had to make the dreadful decision to euthanize him. He was not ready to go but helping him in this way was the kindest and only thing we could do for him. Max has been laid to rest at Good Acres and will be sorely missed forever. 

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  • Diana Shaffner