We are no longer providing tours for the public. However, our patrons are welcome to visit their sponsored animals as usual :)

Ludy (at Good Acres from 1998 to 2018)

Ludy (at Good Acres from 1998 to 2018)

Ludy, a very special boy, was with us long before Good Acres was ever officially founded. We found him as a kitten in 1998 on the streets of Long Beach, CA. He was disease ridden and starving. Once he came into our care, he grew into a big strong boy with a very unique personality. He lived to be 20 years old. During his last few years, he could no longer keep his own very long orange hair groomed and had to be shaved. Ludy was sometimes nicknamed "The Traveling Man" because we took him with us every time we moved. Ludy has been laid to rest at Good Acres and will be missed forever. RIP Ludy! 

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  • Diana Shaffner