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Meet Angel

Meet Angel

Angel who is also knows as 'Clucky' around the farm. Is the sweetest little bird you will ever meet. No one knows how old she is but assume she is an older bird because she is past egg laying age. This very special girl was brought to us by a kind person who took her in when she mysteriously showed up on their front porch one winter day. Nobody in the neighborhood had any knowledge of her and she was wearing a little organge charm bracelet around her leg. Once the kind home owner let her come in the warm house the little feathered creature seemed to be very comfortable and familiar with the indoors of a human dwelling. It is likely, she was someone's pet previously but was taken out and abandoned. What a lucky little stray chicken to walk to just the right home where she received the help she needed. However, after almost one year, the kind lady who also travels at times decided to give us a call and see if Angel (then known as Chickie) could come and live at the sanctuary. 

We LOVED this sweet white bird from the first moment we saw her! Because she showed up so mysteriously at the ladies house, we named her Angel. The nickname 'Clucky' was aquired shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, our rooster Simon would not allow Angel to move into the chicken house. To keep Angel safe from being attacked by Simon, she has her very own night-time area in the 'human house'. She loves it and happily returns to it every evening after a busy day of picking around the farm. Her best friend is Rupert one of our potbellied pigs! 

Please help us care for Angel as she becomes older by becoming her sponsor/patron. 



above: Angel is very inquisitive and will peck your camera if you try to get a close up shot

above: riding on the golf cart is one of her favorite things to do

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