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The Happiness Oxymoron

Of course, no one feels happy 100% of the time. However, and this may sound like an oxymoron, happiness is present in you at all times. This is because the mental state of contentment which is what happiness really is, is inert. We don’t create it, rather we keep rediscovering it. When we cannot seem to feel happiness, it is

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Good Acres on the Evening News

Good Acres Sanctuaries’ children’s program made it into WKYT’s late night news coverage. The short interview features one mother and son who took part in this program in 2017. Son Braxon started coming to the farm weekly to spend some time with the animals to cope with the stress of being separated from this mother while she attended an inpatient

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What Happens After Meditation?

The purpose of a regular meditation practice is to allow the mind to find a new and expanded mode of being. This mode does not stop with the exercise but ideally begins to infiltrate our every living moment. Mindfulness and a sense of peace can become the underlying quality that is everpresent even during moments of severe upheaval. Meditation practice

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