Share Your Story!

You have a story to tell and we want to publish it!

If you fit any of the below criteria, we would like to hear your story and make it available to others who need the inspiration.

You may have:

  • overcome any form of addiction
  • been incarcerated and successfully re-entered society
  • have had a loved one struggle with addiction and/or imprisonment
  • experience with addiction recovery/rehab and groups of other individuals who have allowed you to gain some unique insight
  • had a spiritual experience that influenced you in a powerful way towards more openness and kindness
  • had a remarkable change of your physical and mental health through plant-based nutrition
  • had a life-changing encounter with an animal who helped you realize something

Whether you have your story in written format or not, please contact us via email.

We want to hear from you! 

Depending on what you have, we may either use your written manuscript or arrange for an interview with you. Don’t be shy! Your story has the power to empower others.