Happy Birthday Otto!

Has it really been 2 years?! In the morning hours of July 5 two years ago the runaway pig of Lexington was finally caught in a humane trap to be delivered to Good Acres Sanctuaries. What animal control couldn’t accomplish, a caring private Lexingtonian and her mother could. Armed with a humane trap from Tractor Supply, lots of food, and even more determination they set out towards an area of town Otto (originally named Lex) had been repeatedly seen by locals. After 10 days on the run, the fast-moving piglet was very hungry, became tempted by the food in the trap and went in.

Still in the trap and about to be released into safety and comfort.

It was a miracle that he didn’t get hit by a car during his, no doubt, confusing and scary time on the loose. It is believed that he escaped someone’s backyard pig roast 4th of July celebration. Since the keeping of pigs is against the law in Lexington, it is no surprise that no one ever came forward to claim Otto once he was caught.

Already grown a bit ‘Little Otto’ gets a pet on the head by the Animal Man. Potbellied pig ‘Charlie’ is watching and has become Otto’s best friend.

His rescuers brought him out to the sanctuary and were quickly followed by reporters from LEX18, a local TV news station. The sweet piglet was filmed as he was released from the trap. A stall with clean water, food and soft bedding had already been prepared for him. It didn’t take long for exhaustion to finally hit him hard. A long peaceful snooze was much needed.

Of course, the 5th of July, the day of his capture and rescue, is not his actual birthday. However, we feel that it is more than fitting to look upon this day as the beginning of his life.

At first Otto aka Lex had to walk on a leash to learn the ropes so to speak.

Over the last 2 years, hundreds of visitors have come to see him and the other rescued farm animals of Good Acres. Otto has grown like a weed and weighs in today at (at least) 600 lbs. His personality is hilarious and friendly despite his size. He enjoys all kinds of sweet treats. Things like carrots are lower on his list but still acceptable unlike zucchini or celery.

Otto has become a charmer! He lies down to make it easy for visiting girls to give him a belly rub.

We want to thank everyone who has either visited Otto at the sanctuary or taken an interest in him over the years. Our big boy will undoubtedly continue to amuse us with his antics. At the same time, he will keep on nudging visitor’s hearts and minds towards a more compassionate lifestyle and diet.


image credit: Paulina M Photography