The Art of Kindness – Literally

With our very mixed group of critters at the sanctuary and our lively ways, we have often been called a colorful crew. This, however, has never been more true than it is now. Sharon Matisoff, a fine artist from Frankfort, has recently visited the farm and was deeply touched by the many stories of perseverance, survival and healing of the sanctuary’s animals. Our cows whom, due to their mystical story of their arrival at Good Acres, we often refer to as ‘God’s Cows’ have reached particularly deep into Sharon’s heart. As a result, she has generously offered to create art pieces depicting Good Acres’ various rescued residents. Her first work in this endeavor has just been finished. We could not be more overjoyed with it! It shows young ‘Lucky’ as he leans deeply into Diana’s chest to be petted and loved on. What you cannot see on the picture is that his adoptive mother, ex-dairy cow ‘Bridgette’, is standing nearby peacefully munching on hay. Just days earlier Bridgette had still been very nervous about letting any human handle Lucky for fear he would be taken from her again just like her own natural calf was taken from her at the dairy farm. So, this moment of shared love with Lucky the calf was very much a spiritual moment of profound peace that was felt by everyone present. Lucky has since grown to near adult size and has captivated many hearts and minds of human visitors some of which have since changed their eating habits to no longer include meat and dairy.

Sharon will be exhibiting her art at our upcoming Open Barn on June 15 from 1 to 6 pm. This event is open to the public. Come out and meet Sharon!

Art by Sharon Matisoff depicting Lucky and Diana.
Christmas 2016. ‘Bridgette’ and her adopted son ‘Lucky’ had just arrived at Good Acres to begin their life at the sanctuary. They will be allowed to stay together and live in safety for their entire natural lifespan. This is the Good Acres promise.
Lucky and Diana having a chat in June 2018.